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Best Responsive WordPress Themes

best responsive wordpress themesWebsite responsiveness and fast loading abilities helps your site stand out among the pool of competitors. In this post, we have sorted the 10 best responsive wordpress themes that you’ll love.


1. Weblizar


Weblizar is one of the best video wordpress themes you can consider using on your site. Aside from it is compatible with any devices and browsers; Weblizar allows an optimal viewing experience once you viewed it on your mobile phones. It has featured images and custom background, which is beneficial for your site. The Weblizar includes several outstanding features like five widget areas, four page layouts, custom menus, carousel slider, social media links, wide layout options, and dark, light color skins. You can also customize your site by using the sticky post feature and threaded comments.

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2. Squirrel


Wherever you view your site, the Squirrel WordPress theme always makes it more outstanding and lovely. It is an attractive and responsive theme that gives ease in accessing your blog. Website customization is convenient. Without too much effort, you can design and configure your blog the way you want it to be. You can alter the header, menu, background, color styles and featured images. Flexible, this WordPress theme is translation-ready. Varieties of options are available for your site so you can work and play on the design depending on your style.

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3. Road Fighter

Road Fighter

For a superb experience, use the Road Fighter for your website. It is a great and best responsive themes wordpress you would love for your blog. It has several customization options so you can personalize your site. Even in your computer or mobile device, you can view the Road Fighter theme with ease while enjoying the custom backgrounds and other of its outstanding features. The features include five widgetized areas, header images, featured images for your posts and pages. You would also love the social media icons, threaded comments and visual editor incorporated in the Road Fighter.

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4. BizsPhere


One of the best responsive WordPress themes is the BiszPhere. More than being a responsive theme, it also has two pre-made color schemes and two logo section layout options. These features will create a more creative and attractive website. Moreover, you can also take advantage with the two page layout, social media icons, and three widget areas in the sidebar and footer of BizsPhere. You can also enjoy the flexible header, custom menus, feature images, threaded comments, and sticky post features. Your target audiences will love your website even more.

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5. Clearly


Aside from being responsive, you will love this Clearly WordPress theme because of the simplicity and convenience it offers. Compared to other themes, this one is manageable. You can build an attractive website by customizing through the page builder. Design your site with love and care. Simple or professional outlook, you will always appreciate the beauty of the Clearly theme. Select between the single right sidebar and full-width templates. You are also allowed to use the custom menus, backgrounds, featured images, and slider. Allow your visitors access your site with ease and comfort by utilizing the Clearly WordPress theme.

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6. Mantra


Enjoy unlimited customization opportunities with the Mantra WordPress Theme. You can select among 100 options to effectively customize your site. Moreover, the Mantra is a responsive theme that both you and your users will love. Even it include hundreds of customization options, you will never feel the difficulties. Each theme settings are user-friendly so you can make and create your site with ease. The theme options are simple and artless so you can efficiently work on doing your site. Many features are incorporated in Mantra. You can take advantage on the custom colors, header sizes, fonts, header images, background, animated slider, social media icons, blog layout, magazine, left or right sidebar and more.

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7. Flat Bootstrap

Simple and responsive, Flat Bootstrap will bring your site to the next level. It is a pretty and clean wordpress theme that includes an appealing and manageable mobile navigation feature. You can work on the effective and outstanding customizations through the Flat Bootstrap’s multiple options. You can choose from multiple columns, carousels, buttons, and icons, too. The theme features also contains collapsible and tabbed areas, alert boxes, progress bars, right and left sidebars, threaded comments, menus, custom backgrounds, sticky posts, header and featured images. One more thing, Flat Bootstrap is also translation ready.

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8. Harrington


With clean, simple and responsive design, the Harrington helps in improving your site. You are allowed to customize your blog in whatever means you want. It has multiple options for customizing your background, header menu and images, and featured images. This WordPress theme has six widget areas located in the footer and sidebar area. You can also work on the gallery options and visual editor features of Harrington. These features are displayed and accessible in the admin area. The translation- ready abilities of the theme makes your site more flexible. The Harrington allows your website animation through the animated slider.

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9. Dynamic News Lite

Dynamic News

Considered as one of the most responsive WordPress theme, thie Dynamic News Lite shares users with full access to your site even utilizing varieties of devices and browsers. It has tons of features that you will enjoy working with. The theme is also user-friendly with keen eye for clarity and cleanliness. Most of the users appreciate the custom background, menu, header, content slider, and translation- ready features this theme offers.

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10. Customizer


The Customizr settings embrace varieties of features and customization options. You will adore the live editing page that this theme offers. Moreover, it includes numerous features including the cool and animated content bubbles. The responsive design of Customizr allows user to enjoy their stay in the blog. Being receptive, your website creates a big difference among your competitors.

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