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Best Practices on Creating an Amazing Graphic Designer Portfolio Website

graphic designer portfolio website bannerSo many freelancers – particularly graphic designers – neglect creating a portfolio website that showcases their work. They argue that it’s too time-consuming, or that they don’t know how to do it, or they say that it won’t really do anything for their career because nobody will pay any attention to it.

Steps to Photographer Portfolio Website Creating

There are a lot of excuses out there, but the crux of the matter is that your graphic designer portfolio website is hugely important. Clients want a quick look at your work before they hire you, and there is no better way to showcase your work so concisely and brilliantly than graphic designer portfolio websites. Moreover, if you’re battling for a job with another graphic designer who does have an online portfolio, you’re gonna lose out. So let’s take a look at some ways in which you can create an amazing graphic designer portfolio website.

graphic designer portfolio website helpAsk for help

Okay, so you’ve only just got started and we’re telling you to ask for help. Creating a graphic designer portfolio website must be really hard work, right?! Well, actually, what we’re saying is that once you’ve created your website, you should ask a friend what they think.

Another pair of eyes can be more objective than you, and they can tell you if it looks great, or if things need changing.

If, however, you really are struggling to get started, there are a number of free website creators, such as WordPress and Wix, that can be really easy to use. It doesn’t cost too much to buy your own domain name either. If you are truly stuck, why not ask a web designer for help?

graphic designer portfolio website storyTell a story

You can tell a story with your online portfolio by selecting pieces that go well next to one another. You need to create rhythm and harmony between the pieces that go up on your site so that each one flows logically from another.

In this way, it’s like a story. In a story, each scene follows logically on from the one that preceded it. If you disrupt the plot by placing something completely random in the middle of the story, the audience will be confused. Your graphic designer portfolio website should be of a similar nature. Make things cohesive and beautiful.

graphic designer portfolio website

graphic designer portfolio website selectSelect carefully

Graphic designer portfolio websites don’t need to showcase every single piece of work the graphic designer has ever done. They can just show glimpses – the best glimpses.

Moreover, a client isn’t going to have the time to wade through every single piece, so instead of giving them the chance to stumble upon weaker pieces than stronger pieces, you can collate all your best pieces together.

graphic designer portfolio website friendlyMake sure the site is user-friendly

Your website needs to be user-friendly. It’s basically a shop that’s open 24/7, but if people are finding it hard to navigate, they’re going to leave straight away. You need to keep things simple, and you need a great landing page that catches peoples’ attention straight away. You should also avoid Flash or animation on your landing page because it may cause it to take ages to load for some users. Also interesting and informative timeline graphic design for your portfolio website gets attention and will increase the time readers spend on a page.

graphic designer portfolio website replenishReplenish your stock

Okay, so you’ve just spent the last few days sorting out your website and uploading loads of pictures. And now you think you’re done for another 5 years? Wrong!

You’ve always gotta be uploading new work to keep things fresh. It shows people where you’re currently at, and it also ensures you don’t look lazy. Clients want to see a website that shows the designer cares about their work and who they are.

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