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Best Places to Build and Showcase Your Artist Portfolio Website

artist portfolio website bannerartist portfolio websiteOver the years, we’ve heard many excuses from artists who are afraid of creating their own artist portfolio website. Usually, the excuses are the same, with the artist saying they can’t afford it, they don’t know how to code, or they have no time. But in 2015, these excuses have become redundant because creating an artist portfolio website is now much easier – and much cheaper – than it ever has been.

Sites That Will Help You to Create Your Own Artist Portfolio Websites

And because creating an online portfolio of our work is so important in ensuring that we land a job, we’ve decided to put together a list of the best places you can build and showcase your artist portfolio website. Let’s take a look at some of these sites.


artist portfolio website wix

Image credit: forbes.com

Wix is probably one of the easiest website builders around, and even better – it’s free. You do have the option of paying for your own domain name, which will give your website more personality, but if you don’t have too much money, the free option is still very good for getting your work seen by others.

The tools are really easy to use, with the whole program user-friendly. Even if you are a complete novice when it comes to web design, Wix will be your friend.


artist portfolio website deviantart

Image credit: deviantart.com

DeviantArt has been popular in the art community for some years now, and continues to be awesome for networking and engaging with others. Indeed, it’s still one of the most visited artist portfolio websites out there, with tonnes of work being uploaded each minute.

DeviantArt isn’t a website builder and thus requires no coding whatsoever. You simply create your own page where you get to upload a gallery of your work. Sharing it is easy, whilst the layout is simple and easy to view.



Image credit: aptdesignonline.com

WordPress is either free or you can pay for it. Both versions are really easy to use, with this website builder providing a wealth of templates for you to take advantage of. For an artist portfolio website, WordPress is ideal because it allows you to customise and personalise it to suit your exact style. It comes highly recommended, and if you pay a bit extra you also get the advantage of having your own domain name.



Image credit: designjuices.co.uk

Image credit: designjuices.co.uk

Behance is becoming more and more popular with artist portfolio websites. It’s essentially a hub of creative freelancers who need somewhere to quickly and easily build their own weskit without any hassle. It is also home to Google Analytics, meaning you can check out who is viewing your website, and it’s perfect for social media sharing. Behance is definitely a number 1 resource for all designers and creative professionals.



Image credit: viewbook.com

Image credit: viewbook.com

ViewBook is a little similar to DeviantArt in the sense that users just upload their work to their own online gallery, as opposed to building a website from scratch. But it’s perfect for artist portfolio websites that just need some online presence. It’s also free and has a really simple and yet sophisticated feel to it that allows clients to easily and quickly view your work.

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