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Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

best minimalist wordpress themesMinimalist themes are good for displaying off your articles and images without having a lot of clutter. Several websites use minimalist interfaces and they get too much popularity every day. Why is it? Well, one the most really reasons is that these kinds of best professional WordPress themes allow your articles and other stuff to shine through, no matter which kind of stuff you have. Minimal designs are clean, simple, sleek and a little bit straightforward. Minimalist theme does not clutter up the internet browser such as Google, internet explorer and safari, with a lot of doohickeys and gadgets. Posts and pages will load quickly and you will know that Google loves it too much.

1. Glacier WP minimalist theme


Glacier WP theme is a fresh and recently designed minimalist theme from Bling Themes. Many widgets are used by Glacier Theme, to make a wide range of layout options, with nice flexibility and unbelievable typography. Glacier is hundred percent GPL just like all of WP themes; you can do whatever you need using this theme.

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2. Milo WP Minimal Theme

Milo WP Minimal Theme

Milo is a great looking WP minimalist theme. Good looking WP theme is a great way for individuals and companies to make an unbelieveable and functional portfolio blog in a very short time. I am sure, you will agree the design and layout of this excellent theme. This theme is fully delightful and it is possible that customers will like their experience. This clean and clear theme has many features related to WordPress and it is completely painless to create and design portfolio blogs and websites with no big hassles.

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3. Dorsey WP theme

Portfolio Website Template

Dorsey WP theme is going to own a great fan club, ahead to all is done and said. Stylish portfolio WP themes can be an excellent way for freelancers and designers to complete their work on the internet in a flash. Since it is a minimal style theme, people will make all their attention to your work, not the job of the website designer. I believe the primary design of this Wp theme is elegant and potential customers will spend most of their time on your blog.

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4. Gather WP theme

Gather WP theme

This theme is a very clean template which is fairly straight forward. This theme has no external flourishes. This great and well-designed theme is formed by minimal thoughts. Fancy design features could perhaps be unneeded. All you need for your visitors is to concenter on your website’s posts. A minimal WP theme advances the content and other articles to feel important. Perplexed designs aren’t suited for all blogs and sites.

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5. Uberto WP theme

Uberto WP theme

Uberto WP theme is a writing and blogging theme for a great CMS (WordPress). This theme has really the ability to leave an impact on your visitors and readers. This theme has straight forward style and easy, simple and good looking navigation. These all things will help your visitors to find your articles quickly and easily.

This theme can really assist your bounce rate and may you know that Google loves it too much. Uberto WP theme is absolutely responsive, and since the theme is created on the base of Bootstrap, it is nicely created for a striking mobile experience.

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6. Lux WP theme (Minimalist)

Lux WordPress theme

This theme is very clean, simple and beautiful WordPress theme that can be fitted to any screen resolution. According to many experts of WordPress, it is one of the best Press coders themes. Its background graphics are to provide each web post, article and project its own position. By using this theme you can turn a group of pictures into a well-designed slide show. You are free to adjust different areas of the theme’s design using an outside option panel.

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7. Knoll WP theme (Minimalist)

Knoll WP theme (Minimalist)

This theme is minimal, modern and clean portfolio WP theme that gets your images and photographs the one matter you actually require. Keep in mind that you can also set it as a good minimalist blog as well. People really like the flexibility of Knoll WP theme. You can make any website if you use this theme, according to the choice of your visitors. It has highly created layouts, which are not suitable for every blog and each website.

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8. Ultra Mag WP theme (Minimalist)

Ultra Mag WP theme (Minimalist)

There are many shopping related platform such as Woo Commerce and eCommerce that provide a nice and perfect website to sell products and services in one strong and powerful package. No matter, what type of product or service you are willing to sell out, Woo commerce is a fantastic plug in to get it completed and done in a right way. If you need a good and powerful theme that can work for you regarding this purpose, you should try this theme. This theme is really fast to get set up with a fresh and new eCommerce store.

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9. The Cotton WP theme

The Cotton WP theme

This theme is a strong premium and minimalist WP theme. It is designed in a modern and sleek style. This theme has all major functions with which you can present your products, portfolio, and even yourself in an amazing and professional style. Cotton WP theme is pretty cool. It is highly flexible, so if you want to customize the theme or need to change the color scheme, it will be easy and very simple for you, and you will have no need to use any image editor or software.

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10. Keen WP theme (Minimalist)

Keen WP theme (Minimalist)

Keen WP theme is handsome and nice looking. It is minimal, fun to customize and easy to use. Keen has a neat design and attractive style with a concentrate on wide screen videos and images. We can say this is a true minimal and multimedia theme. All kinds of artists can use it such as designers, creative photographers as well as writers. Basically, Keen theme is modern and new, which has been created to attract the visitors..

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