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Best HTML to WordPress Service

There’s several ways to attack problems that come with HTML to wordpress conversion. It’s first important to remember that the actually blogging platform itself can generally accept raw HTML in its purest form. Those who might have been writing something in hypertext or have something developed for a different site can access the system and then copy and paste the HTML over. Make sure to use the preview function to see what it looks like, since HTML not specifically developed for the wordpress platform might have to be tweaked a little bit.

Posts in Hypertext

Say someone had numerous posts in HTML and had to convert them to WordPress. This often happens when moving between two different sites, which might be more common now than ever before. Now pretend for a moment that the previous instructions failed to work. There’s another way it can be done:

1) Locate the HTM file in a local file structure.

2) Drag it to an open Internet browser.

3) Select the text in the screen by blocking with the mouse.

4) Paste each section individually into a text editor.

5) Select all with CTRL+A.

6) Open a new WordPress post.

7) Paste with CTRL+V.

8) Move the headline into the appropriate spot.

It should then be easy to save any images that were in the original HTM document and move them over to the WordPress post like they were being uploaded into any other WordPress post.

Working with Something Bigger

Now that all being said, those who want to make a theme by way of HTML to wordpress conversion should get in touch with the certified professionals. Commercial content providers can take an existing site design and transfer it over to the blogging platform. That allows preservation of the site design with all the administration benefits of the customizing wordpress software. They can also set up the post dates so that it doesn’t appear like so much was posted in the present.