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Best Fashion WordPress Themes

best fashion wordpress themesThis web page is a collection of the best paid wordpress themes. These themes are responsive and adaptive fashion themes for different sizes of screen resolution. This simply means that regardless of the device your potential clients or live audiences use, they will be able to do some transactions.


1. WP Venus

WP Venus

Moms out there will certainly like this fashion wordpress theme. It is intended for girly blog particularly from moms who likes to maintain their health through the use of exercise, yoga, proper diet and more. The theme has a clean professional looks that can feature multiple post and page layout by Solostream.


  • You can make the use out of it by using different alternative layout option, you can post blogs, articles and images nice easy and smooth.
  • Regardless if your platform is all about business or just a simple blog for PageRank purposes since it was a very versatile fashion wordpress theme.
  • You’ll be able to capture the interest of female audiences that is fully responsive design making it a fully mobile ready wordpress.
[sbutton type=price price=79] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/solostream]


2. Foxy


Foxy is a unique wordpress fashion theme that is design for cafes, business websites, diners, and fashion sites. You’ll be able to attract lot of live audiences because of it stylish theme that feature full image of backgrounds that can be customized by a slide show.


  • You have the option to use 7 different transition effects when you use slide shows
  • It includes optional staff with fully responsive design and easy use option for modifications.
  • This WP theme allows you to transact online, you have the capability to feature menus for the day.
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3. WP-Mysterious


WP-Mysterious is one of the dark colored premium wordpress fashion theme featuring professional design by SoloStream. It is also a versatile mobile ready responsive WP slick layout that also can be used for personal blog for SEO purposes. It is packed with multiple features which include magazine or business website.


  • You have the advantage to use multiple homepage layout that can be easily modified
  • It has a multiple post page layout options; you can show your portfolios videos and templates related to your fashion business.
  • The theme shows a simple black background feature that makes your platform pretty much mysterious.
[sbutton type=price price=59] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/solostream]


4. Funki


Funki is a one of the girlish fashion wordpress themes by Tehmify with fully responsive layout themes that will truly attracts female live audiences that can be easily fitted with almost any types of mobile phones which include iPhone, Blackberry, Android, with an impressive fluid layout.


  • This slick WP theme is extremely customizable with 20+ different layouts with fun and exciting different girly skin colors.
  • You’ll be able to post your business portfolios by using its 3 sidebar x7 layout options.
  • Comprehensive theme that can be easily customized powered by HTML5 and CSS3
  • It feature option panel and set default layouts.
[sbutton type=price price=39] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/themify]


5. Simfo


Simfo is another premium fashion wordpress theme by Themify with responsive layouts yet minimal in design. Since the theme is intended for fashion photography, general blog with nice and balance graphic design and interface. It is fully adjustable with different screen resolution including mobile devices.


  • Live audiences will easily navigate your portfolios since it feature optional post sorting navigation.
  • You can choose from 8 different color schemes that also feature lightbox gallery.
  • Simple and straightforward theme that can simply generate blog into cash.
[sbutton type=price price=39] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/themify]


6. Responz


Responz is a fully customizable responsive WordPress them another by Themify. The theme is especially made for magazine, newsletter, editorial, articles, and blogs platforms. If you after to increase your online presence back into your main website, you can easily post the latest articles and news concerning your website.


  • The theme feature minimal layout yet with elegant design with different sidebars choices which include 2 sidebars, left or right or the usual 1 side bar the can be found at the right of the screen.
  • Reponz feature 8 color scheme layouts that you can simply enjoy with optional header and footer slider and option panel.
[sbutton type=price price=39] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/themify]


7. Shopo


Shopo is another wordpress fashion themes from themify. The WP theme is design for e-commerce platform with wide selection of services and products. The WP also include woocommerce feature powered by Ajax shopping cart that can beneficial for both WP users and live audiences who wants to find the latest fashions.


  • It has a special navigation system so that live audiences will be able to find of what they are looking for.
  • You can use its duel navigation header with welcoming message. It will certainly captivate your potential audiences with its impressive graphic welcoming design.
  • You can directly post your products or services through your homepage area with wide varieties of color themes you can choose from.
[sbutton type=price price=39]
[sbutton type=price price=59] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/themify]


8. Minshop


MInshop is an ecommerce wordpres theme another from Themify. It has a minimal design suitable for any types of shop. It is very helpful and beneficial for businesses out there that were just recently started.

  • It has a large panel option customization with full responsive design. This simply means that the WP theme is able to layout your design automatically.
  • It adapts any screen resolution including mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and androids.
  • Simple interface with impressive graphic designs.
[sbutton type=price price=39] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.premiumwp.com/go/themify]


9. Femme


Femme is a responsive magazine WP theme designed by CSS igniter. It has a multi- use structure design for a clear and precise graphics interface. It is a combination of both ecommerce and online store that can simply generates great profits from it.


  • Powered by WooCommerce and ecommerce plugin with alternative layout options.
  • Enables you to use short codes and offers lots of theme options.
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10. Chamomile


Chamomile is a WordPress theme by BluChic intended for any type women businesses. The theme features clean and smooth layout graphic interface design with minty and pinking color that will certainly love by most women out there.


  • Designs are prefect for baby stuffs, wedding paper platforms and stationary. You may also use this web page as your online planning device or could be an ecommerce website.
  • You have wide varieties of beautiful girlish font styles to choose from, widget ready and short codes integrated.
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