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Best 3 Column WordPress Themes

best 3 column wordpress themesSince keyword is king when it comes with SEO, lots of web developers and designers are using the advantage of blogs in order to increase their website’s PR (PageRank). One of the booming online industries these days is blogging sites. However, it is a fact that people could not be caught up instantly with titles or fancy introduction, it really needs images and this is where photography blogger comes in. On the web choices are endless, therefore, in this article; it identifies best three column wordpress themes you can select and the top 10 WordPress Photography themes.

1. Ambiance Pro

Ambiance Pro

The Ambiance Pro is intended for Genesis Frame work designed and created by Studio Press. It is a combination of innovative features of framework that enables you to place a welcoming message on the top while you can post a couple of images grid. Each of them are overlaid in white. When someone is going to check out your Photograph theme blog, the content will be displayed at the center making your blog looks very professional indeed.


  • You can use the theme by selecting native WordPress live preview
  • Your blog can be actively work on mobile phones
  • Sophisticated HTML5 language that you can simply enjoy
  • The interface feature Landing Page Template in order to communicate with other viewer easily
  • You can use your own logo at the customize header interface
[sbutton type=price price=99.95] [sbutton type=demo link=http://my.studiopress.com/themes/ambiance/]


2. Expose Pro

Expose Pro

Expose Pro is another platform of minimal WordPress of Genesis Framework. You can put your original content at the center of the page and you can easily navigate different links of the website. Using the navigation menu, you can scroll down the page at ease featuring your primary website and other internal or external links. You can custom your quotes that can be noticed by everyone since it outstand against black background. You can also put widgets at the bottom (footer area) in case you want to include press releases, or even social icon for other details.


  • You can select numerous color themes which are blue, green, pink, orange and brown.
  • Easy to understand markup (HTML)
  • You are able to customize background and themes with high resolution
  • Easy navigation commenting feature
[sbutton type=price price=99.95] [sbutton type=demo link=http://my.studiopress.com/themes/expose/]


3. Kameron


If your niche or platform is all about photography or someone connected with images and photographs, then it is highly recommended to use Kameron since it features stunning visual from the get go. Before people will entire to your site, your site will displace a full screen image of some of your best work which concerns about your photography business. People will definitely be impressed with stunning interlude layout. Plus, instead of scrolling up and down when viewing your page, Kameron feature left and right scroll making it more sophisticated. It can also be views on smartphones with triple color themes.


  • Full screen interlude galleries in order to show videos and photographs demos
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layouts
  • Color customization
  • Multiple mobile device optimizer
[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://themeforest.net/item/kameron-your-photography-portfolio/full_screen_preview/7647974]


4. Division


Division is perhaps the best 3 column WordPress Themes that features classic grid layout. You can instantly check out portfolios which reveals in different category. You can easily navigate the area which can emphasize your page, blogs, and other navigation backlinks. This can be an advantaged since, backlinks are also helpful when it comes with optimizing your primary webpage. You can use six different layouts allowing you to maximize the space of your page. You are able to provide different formats and layouts with endless customization options which include grid, metro and mixed.


  • You can use numerous background colors and themes for extensive customization
  • You can use retina images
  • It is a multi-lingual platform that can be viewed with multiple language
  • You can use drag and drop page builder feature making your page looks good effortlessly
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce making your products sell that are link into your primary website
[sbutton type=price price=58.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://themeforest.net/item/division-fullscreen-portfolio-photography-theme/full_screen_preview/5030589/?ref=bloggingwizard]


5. Boarder


Boarder feature heart stunning images and designs that allows to for people to view your portfolio dramatically as soon as they enter your site. It can be done with wide varieties of gallery feature of your homepage which you can simply navigate. You can also use a full-screen mode for visual perfect work within your screen. Although it is not considered as one of the best three column WordPress Theme, each page includes beautiful transition that can lead viewers to be fascinated about your page and products with intuitive style. You are able to sell products or services with no fuzz especially for people who are in a hurry.


  • Straightforward theme without fuzz
  • Fully applicable in any types of mobile phone devices and tablets
  • Can upload video clips support
  • Can spice up your images by using gallery text cover
[sbutton type=price price=58] [sbutton type=demo link=http://pixelgrade.com/demos/themes/?product=border]


6. Camilla


Camilla is a type of full screen photography theme webpage with feminine edges perfect for platforms that feature beauty products, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, and more. You can use this theme to navigate the page that suits your way from left to right. It can create a stunning web or online one page layout breeze. You can also promote your page by using social media option links. Moreover, since social media sites are one of the authority sites form different types of search engine, it can be an additional factor when it comes with optimizing your primary website.


  • If your target audience are mostly for female then it can be very effective to caught their attention instantly
  • You can have a full screen galleries background.
  • Aqua theme page builder for easy layouts
  • You have the freedom to customize your page with lots of themes and colors to choose from
[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://themeforest.net/item/camilla-horizontal-fullscreen-photography-theme/full_screen_preview/6565762/?ref=bloggingwizard]


7. Volta


Volta is another best 3 column wordpress themes that can blow you away because of its simplicity yet can be very effective for customers since it feature online live chat. It can you’re your homepage into three way settings including images, content slider, and video allowing users to check out your full site that feature call to action button interface. The blog can display column layout whenever a thumbnail has been clicked. You can place your original content at the center to catch up attention while it makes your page simple and clean without any distraction. You can have this cost effective theme for only.


  • best three column wordpress theme variation and screen
  • Retina display
  • One click installation and content demo
  • Feature awesome icons
[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://themeforest.net/item/volta-creative-photo-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/9095062/?ref=bloggingwizard]


8. Origin


One of the greatest factors why people from different corners of the world are choosing WordPress themes and this is where Origin is all about providing the excellent styles, features and display showcasing all the works at one place at ease. It allows you to display grid layout with left oriented sidebar that makes the platform easy to use with five main color themes which can customize that brings personal touch for the viewers. Another is that you are not just using a single theme but multiple ones.


  • Complete localization and parallel support making your task easy
  • It can be browse in all major browsers
  • Secured code and valid
[sbutton type=price price=69.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=Origin]


9. Phototastic


Phototastic is a modern focus imagery design with two homepage option making your page more valuable. The first one is you can use the full screen size option or the multiple grid display making it very useful indeed. By just clicking a certain interface button you can customize your screen in a full screen mode. The clever box button will expand and reveal more information about this awesome feature.


  • You have the advantage of 2 homepage alternative in case you want to use full screen or multiple grids
  • HTML Markup feature
  • Customizable feature with simple theme option panel
  • Integration with Woo Commerce
[sbutton type=price price=43.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/phototastic-portfolio-photography-theme/demo/?r=bloggingwizard]

10. Photex


If you are looking for professional looks with impress style then Photex could be the right one for you. It features multiple stunning grid of images that are completely free of distractions. Viewers can read the content into a larger view by using bold overlay. You can filter your portfolio by category whenever you like. You can view the primary navigation by clicking the mobile menu icon at the bottom right of the page. Grab this awesome features that enables you to sell your products and services easily.


  • The site is fully compatible are especially designed for Woo commerce that can instantly sell products and service form your website
  • Adapts full screen layout and can set awesome icons proving short codes in order to sell your products or services instantly.
  • The site includes custom theme specific widgets and PSD files in the theme package
  • Translation multi-lingua feature ready
[sbutton type=price price=58.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.mojo-themes.com/item/photex-responsive-portfolio-photography-theme/demo/?r=bloggingwizard]

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