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Best 2 Column WordPress Themes

best 2 column wordpress themesIndeed, WordPress provides effective exposure when it comes with PageRank. But, not all blogs or articles can captivate people from reading its content. It must have responsive and quality design features in order to catch readers’ attention to the fullest. In addition, best 2 column WordPress themes are often use to directly transact products or services. Here are the top 10 most beautiful WordPress themes of 2015.


1. One Parallax themes

One Parallax themes

One Parallax continues to dominate the online world with its sophisticated designs and feature. It is one of the most clean, flat and minimalist design that can surely fascinate everyone with its quality interface graphic design. The designs this year are bolder and more experimental and focus on typography and sophisticated story telling feature.


  • You are able to use responsive retina display and a powerful setup theme option
  • It includes awesome icons with stunning themes allowing your visitors to view your portfolios as soon as they enter to your site.
  • The theme can be featured in Facebook Plugin that enables you to promote with friends and social media users
  • It suits in businesses, agencies with multiple uses available. Feature wooCommerce support layouts and formats


[sbutton type=price price=58.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://thbthemes.com/demo/one/]


2. Nibiru


Nibiru comes with awesome slick slider with unlimited colors and designs with over 360 icons. It has a seven built-in custom post types which include galleries, portfolios, clients team and more. It is a modern multi-purpose WordPress Design with wide range if incredible feature and sophisticated animation



  • It has a really nice quality looking theme perfect for organization, groups and businesses.
  • It feature wonderful theme, customizable and responsive.
  • Minimal yet powerful that naturally interacts with the audiences
  • Creates memorable online experience with pixel perfection


[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://nibiru.pixelobject.com/]

3. Ambiance Pro

Ambiance Pro

Ambiance Pro is an elegant frame WordPress that are especially design for Genesis Framework by Studio Press. It is one of the best 2 column wordpress themes allowing you to place welcoming message using text widget. While you can display the 2 column grid featuring large images including the title, you can have this graceful WordPress theme which include framework.




  • The webpage works across mobile phone devices
  • You can customize your own logo with your own perspective and designs
  • It feature live preview and cutting edge HTML programming language
  • It will simply add emphasis on your work and products or services.


[sbutton type=price price=99.95] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.wpsuperstars.net/go/ambiance-demo/]


4. Camilla


If your platform are all about cosmetics or other types of cosmetics concerning trends on females, Camilla can be your best choice. It is a full screen photography WordPress theme with feminine edge. It is fully customizable in a way that suits your images or photography that suits your style and means with an amazing price.



  • You can set up an aqua page with easy layout design that can simply captivate women out there
  • It feature full screen galleries and customizable page backgrounds
  • Customize your designs and portfolio at ease
  • You can simply navigate the pages by using arrow keys


[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://themeforest.net/item/camilla-horizontal-fullscreen-photography-theme/full_screen_preview/6565762/?ref=bloggingwizard]



5. Velcro

Dimension Velcro

Velcro is a three column WordPress theme with 10 custom widgets. If your business or the industry you are interested with relates on photography, then this can be your best choice. It displays multiple images you can use as your portfolios and blogging platform. You have the option to upload video, images and different types of home page layouts



  • You can easily upload audio and videos that enables the viewers to understand more about your products and services
  • You can use over 500 Google fonts with built boostrap 3
  • It is efficient responsive designs which can dramatically captivate someone’s interest
  • It also includes live preview and mobile first projects online.


[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://elite-themes.com/velcro/]



6. cvCard WP

cvCard WP

If you prefer to use simple yet straightforward design that informs about yourself including your business brand or product, then cvCard WP is the best two column wordpress themes for you. It is a responsive ajax platform which enables you to use vcard them with sliding horizontal layout. It is great for showcasing your work and informing the viewers about your services and brand.



  • Includes HTML5 CSS3 and jQuery
  • Retina high quality interface and design
  • You can optimize its performance for using mobile devices
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready


[sbutton type=price price=43.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://themes.pixelwars.org/cvcard-wp/]



7. Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a slick WorkPress theme yet simple interface ideal for agencies and online freelancers. It is easy to use with drag and drop page builder, customizable color schemes and one click editor.



  • You can customize the logo, use favicons and colors
  • Allows you to upload videos and images in various types of formats
  • Fully responsive
  • Supported by YouTube and Vimero embed with WordPrss 3.8.0 ready


[sbutton type=price price=43.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://www.madeinebor.com/gv/]



8. Icelock


If you like light and dark color schemes then Icelock will definitely suits your needs with highly responsive WordPress theme, clean design that will help you out emphasizing your portfolios, blogs and articles. The layout itself will simply adapt different types of screen sizes which makes the webpage more compatible on smart phones, laptops, and desktop computers.



  • It is a three way column that suits for PHP, CSS and JS Files
  • It is customizable for great designs and image quality feature
  • The webpage will easily adapts different screen sizes regardless of what type of gadget are you using
  • It feature compatibility browser for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and more


[sbutton type=price price=48.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://anestan.com/icelock]




9. Lilith


Lilith is a creative best 2 column wordpress themes 4+ and shop featuring creative, flexible and responsive wordpress theme that are prefect for businesses, agencies and online freelancers since it feature super flexible creative themes. It is packed with full high quality graphic interface which include page builder.



  • Fully responsive for mobile and serve an optimizes versions
  • It has a complete WooCommerce tool kit with slide bar layouts
  • You can also build any page with visual composer


[sbutton type=price price=58.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://demo.alessioatzeni.com/lilith/]


10. Swipe


Swipe is a revolutionary responsive WordPress slider that features best 2 column WordPress Themes, more perfect and suitable for tablets and smartphones. It features 360 icons with 960 grid layouts.



  • Full responsive design and great support internet programming system
  • Nice Hover Effect with unlimited awesome fonts you can choose from


[sbutton type=price price=43.00] [sbutton type=demo link=http://swipe.themeinnwit.com/]

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