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All You Need To Know About Creating Your Own WordPress Theme From Scratch

creating your own wordpress themeCreating your own WordPress theme? Of course you are. The great thing about what you’re doing is that you don’t want to make a theme built on an existing framework; instead, you’re looking to make a theme from scratch.


Building a WordPress theme from scratch is incredibly challenging and you get to learn lots of new things. The best thing, though? You’ll find that it’s MUCH easier than you ever anticipated!

Let’s take a look at how to make a theme from scratch … the easy way.

Creating Your Own WordPress Theme: Let’s Get Started

When you start your WordPress theme creation from scratch, it can seem like a pretty daunting task at first. To help you out, you should use something called underscores. These are also referred to as _s

What Are Underscores?

Underscores are templates for building WP themes. It’s essentially a theme in and of itself.

Underscores have come into existence thanks to the collective experience of theme developers who have built WP sites for millions of users. These are default themes that work in all kinds of environments.

When you use Underscores, you’re guaranteed to be using something that works because the team behind WP are the same guys who are behind Underscores.

Getting A Head Start

When you use Underscores for WordPress theme creation, you’re basically getting a mammoth head start on users who haven’t used them.

Underscores allows you to then easily start building a theme that is as simple or as complicated as you prefer. And if you don’t know any PHP at all, you can build a theme just using Underscores. You do, however, need to have some understanding of HTML and CSS.

Getting Started With Underscores

To get started with your theme development, visit the underscores.me website. Enter your themes name as well as some optional advanced info, before generating. A zip file containing your new theme will then land in your computer.

Once you load the theme onto your website, you might be in for something of a shock: Underscores really is the bare bones of a website. It isn’t Frameworks. There is still a lot of work you will need to do yourself.

But it can be done. One of the best things you can do at this point is check the Internet for some ace Underscores tutorials.

Tools That Will Make WordPress Theme Creation Even Easier

So, you’ve got Underscores but you want some extra tools.

When creating your own WordPress theme, you should probably develop it on a local environment, such as your computer. On here, you won’t need to FTP files to a server each time you make an alteration.

We also recommend that you install Automattic’s Developer Plugin so that you have access to numerous ace plugins that will help you out a lot.

For more information, why not have a browse around our website? We’re packed with lots of helpful Codex wordpress theme development tutorials!

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