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A List of Most Popular WordPress Pugins

Popular wordpress plugins tend to do things that the basic software don’t. This might explain why so many of them are being incorporated into the distribution of various WordPress packages. Those who want to know which ones are the most popular can generally check on the developer’s site with wordpress services description. The most popular as of that week are always listed.

Finding the Top Plugins

The top wordpress plugins include:

1) Akismet is one of the most popular wordpress plugins, and connects a particular blog to an outside database in order to scan for spam. At the time of this writing few other plugins had been downloaded more than this one.

2) Jetpack is among the most popular essential wordpress plugins since it provides offsite blogs with many of the features available to those who use wordpress.com, thus making it fully functional. That can help those who have their own server space.

3) MailPoet Newsletters is a very simple way to send out newsletters. While social networking remains popular, there are many cases where people want to sign up for a letter to stay in touch.

4) Google XML Sitemaps might actually be more useful than the standard SEO packages, because it generates XML sitemaps that help search engines to index blogs. Site index systems are actually really helpful, and Google has been trying to standardize the process that’s generally used to make them.

5) Captcha is the original super security validation system, and remains every bit as popular as it ever has for web forms. It really helps to cut down on the amount of spam people get, since few pieces of spammer’s software can actually find their way around this.

Getting the Top Plugins

Those who want to download the top wordpress plugins should look into where their blog is lacking. It’s best to avoid adding plugins merely for the sake of adding them. Rather than doing this one can start by making a list of every aspect of the blog that seems to be lacking. It should be easy then to find the exact individual ones that someone needs.

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