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9 Increadible Splash Page Ideas That Inspire

Splash pages are effective in drawing people’s attention to your site. It has been long used in the web market and became the most common page to provide specific information about your website. Without bombarding your splash screen with too many details and information, you can definitely portray your essence as a business and tease your visitors of your offers.

If you have a new website or launching a new product or service, creating a splash page is important. Here are 9 incredible splash page ideas to inspire so you can design your best splash page design.

  1. Minute Race

Minute race has made an incredible splash design that demands visitors to sign up for their beta. You have 60 seconds to register or else you will be directed to another page. With this splash page, you are stirring up customer’s emotion, which draws them to provide the information you are asking.

  1. ChoreMonster

This website has a very playful splash page design that can attract parents and children to sign up for your service. Its whimsical and illustrative graphic is kid friendly so the design is perfect for kids shop and other websites that target parents and their kids.

  1. Sipp

Sipp has a very nice and clean splash feature for wine lovers. Visitors would immediately get a gist of what the app is as they look at the information provided on the screen. Simple and realistic, the Sipp splash page is a real inspiration. If you are launching your new mobile application, Sipp is a great splash design mock-up to copy.

  1. Puma

Puma has a simple yet eye-catching splash page. Upon getting on their page, you are offered with two options to click. If you are a shopper, click the Shop Puma. Or if you are just hanging around, looking for their newest items, click the Experience Puma button. The design is plain yet enticing.

  1. Pixelivery

Pixelivery had launched their new shop using a clean and colorful teaser. Without any artistic stuff and sophisticated style, the brand used a simple scheme to relay their ultimate message. It has also a strong call to action that will entice you to do something special for them.

  1. Fifty Three

Fifty Three has become successful in launching their new application. Using an organized design with classy color, the website created a buzz on the internet. Their splash image was able to describe their product and purpose.

  1. Evertale

This unique splash page has designed their website with creative stuff and friendly style that would provoke visitors to discover more about your product and services. Its parallax and trail design directs you to their sign-up button. Simple yet detailed, the Evertale splash page is an ideal inspiration for your own splash screen.

  1. Shipment

The Shipment has a minimalist design. You won’t see too much information on their splash page. Instead, they have photos and graphics that give an idea about their services. This splash page design is a perfect muse for your own web page.

  1. Their Circular Life

Their Circular Life splash page is so neat. It has no graphics yet has information about their website. They have an audio file ready for your listening and it requires you to use a Flash player. Without any details presented in the web page, you can learn more about their service through the recorded audio file. This splash page is another example of splash screen you want to duplicate.

These splash page ideas are all incredible samples to use on your own website or for mobile app splash screen. If you are to launch new products, offer new services, or just want to pass on urgent information to your visitors and customers, these pages are always helpful.

Check the above mock-up splash page and choose which of them best portrays your business. Get inspired by these 9 design ideas to come up with your own and unique splash screen!

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