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8 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Your Art Portfolio Online

art portfolio online bannerBack in the 18th-century, artists in France only really had one way of getting noticed. If they were good enough, their work would be showcased in the Salon, where prospective buyers could get a good look at it. But getting into the Salon was one thing, and getting seen in the Salon was another altogether. Because if you weren’t considered to be that good, your work would be put up high in the echelons, almost touching the ceiling. You’d be lucky if anyone saw it.

Common Mistakes of an Art Portfolio Online

Artists are still trying hard to be noticed, and thanks to the advent of the digital world, the battle to be seen has been taken to a whole new level. To get noticed, it seems that we all have to have an art portfolio online. Everyone else has one, so we need one too. Unfortunately, things are not quite as simple as that, though, because there are so many mistakes to make when shaping our painter portfolio website. Let’s take a look.

art portfolio online timeMake time

I know, I know. You’re an artist, so the only thing you want to do is express yourself with your paints. You don’t want to be bogged down by having to enter the digital world, which sounds incalculably dull. You have no time for it.

But one of the fundamental mistakes we can make is to ignore the relevance of an art portfolio online. Sure, it takes up time but it’ll be worth it in the long run. You might find that it leads to more work, as well as more sales. Just apportion a little bit of your time each week to working on it.

art portfolio online simpleKeep things simple

Even if you’re the kind of artist who thinks complexly, you’re going to have to think simply when it comes to your painter portfolio website. If a client is overloaded with information when they land on your site and can’t work anything out, they’re going to leave in a huff.

You need to make sure that your website is free of fluff and gets straight to the point. Your selling point is your art – it is not how fancy you can design a website.

outstanding art portfolio online

image credit: WIX.com


art portfolio online basicsDon’t forget the basics

One of the basics you absolutely should not leave out is your contact info! You’ll be surprised how many people forget this the first time around.

art portfolio online allDon’t include all your work

Whilst an art portfolio online is naturally a portfolio of your work, you don’t need to include absolutely everything. Instead, you can focus on just your best pieces. If you are not sure which are your best pieces, ask a friend to help.

art portfolio online organizedBe organised

Even if you’re the kind of artist who lives freely and despises organisation, you’re really going to have to organise your website if you want it to have any effect. This is your marketing tool, and your work needs to be organised according to jobs, series of paintings, eras, styles, and so on.

art portfolio online multipleShow the breadth of your talent

If your goal is to advertise yourself to clients from different fields (t-shirt companies, videos, galleries etc), then showcase a variety of your work rather than sticking to just one type.

art portfolio online avoidAvoid bad websites

By this, we mean we don’t use a difficult to navigate website to host your work. If for example, your website is Flash based, it might take ages to load for a client – who will leave before waiting for it to finish loading. Choose a user-friendly site.

art portfolio online modernShow that you’re in touch with modernity

Even if you’re not a fan of digital colouring programmes, such as Photoshop, many clients want to see that you can work with this software. If you have some experience, showcase it.

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Avoid these common mistakes of painter portfolio website!

Image credit: typepad.com, flaticon.com

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