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10 Things You Did Not Know About Portfolio Business

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Portfolio Business Uses

Business portfolios have been around for a long time. For well over two thousand years there has been some form of portfolio business use. A business portfolio is a display of a company’s services and/or products. Thousands of years ago artists, metal workers, weavers and many other types of craftspeople were working on projects for clients who placed orders based on samples of work displayed for them. Although the portfolio business has evolved and changed to a degree, in many ways it is still the same. A business writing portfolio today is very similar to an ancient scribes portfolio:

  • Both show examples of their best work
  • Both show different types of work offered
  • Both are/were intended to attract new customers

Working with papyrus most likely made updating a portfolio more labor intensive than it is updating an online portfolio today.

Ways in Which a Business Portfolio Represents You Differently Than a Resume or CV

The following are 10 ways that a business portfolio represents you differently than a resume or CV does:

  • The business portfolio represents work history like a resume does but focus is all about the work. Job title and employer are not as relevant as the work you completed is.
  • Your business portfolio is likely to be updated more often.
  • With a business portfolio, in fields such as design and website development you aren’t necessarily limited to previous jobs for experience as you are with a resume. If you don’t have the quality of sample you want from a previous project in your web development company portfolio, you can create one on your own website that can serve.
  • There is no need to explain gaps in employment history to employers as there may be with a resume. The business portfolio shows the work history you choose to show.
  • With a business portfolio you state the type of work you do rather than trying to match what you have previously done to an employer’s needs as with a resume.
  • Your business portfolio can be working for you all the time to land the next job. A resume that is working for you all the time may cost you your job if your current employer sees it.
  • A business portfolio allows you to be unique and let your personality come through whereas showing too much uniqueness and personality on a resume or CV is discouraged.
  • A resume or CV is more restricted in the tone you can use and format is much more rigid and fixed than that of a business portfolio which allows plenty of flexibility.
  • A business portfolio allows you to incorporate a variety of mediums such as photographs and graphics that aren’t acceptable in a resume or CV
  • A business portfolio can include client testimonials.

Our Business Portfolio Service

Unfortunately for them, craftspeople thousands of years ago didn’t have the advantage of being able to use our business portfolio service. Advantages of using our service include:

  • Professional portfolio developers who are well experienced and among the best in the business.
  • Experienced professional writers
  • Inexpensive rates that are easy to afford
  • Customer support 24/7

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