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10 Best Video Backgrounds

Why use video backgrounds on your website?

Using video backgrounds for websites is gaining in popularity. There continue to be technological advances that make it easier and more practical. The internet in general is faster as well as computers. Video formats are able to display high quality videos in smaller files and browser technology is advancing all the time. These are some of the technical reasons that make using video for web page backgrounds more feasible, but the reason for video backgrounds popularity is because it is effective in getting visitors attention and holding it long enough to deliver the intended message. Video has been a useful tool for websites to gain viewers for years. How much more so a background video that fills pretty much the entire screen? If done well the video background will convey a message that will be difficult to miss. Many different kinds of websites can use background video to their advantage. However, it isn’t a case of one size fits all. There are different types of video backgrounds, and some will be more effective than others depending on the message you want to send and the audience you are trying to target.

Popular types of video backgrounds

There are a number of different types of video backgrounds you may choose to use. Some of the most popular types include.

  • Action video background: For websites that are action or adventure-oriented an action video background may be just what you need. The actual content of the video is up to you. Maybe you sell extreme sports products in which case an action video background of some of your products in use might be an approach you want to take.
  • Artistic/creative video background: Some websites like to use video backgrounds showing how their particular product is created. Certain products lend themselves to this type of background better than others. The video background doesn’t have to be limited to one page. Page background videos can vary within the website.
  • Story collage video background: If you have a story you want to tell, maybe about your business, employees, the industry you are in or anything else, the story collage video background is just the tool to do it with.
  • Ambient video backgrounds: Sometimes a video background may not tell a specific story or tie in to a particular product. It make be used just to enhance the appearance of a website and that is its purpose.

Each site will have to look at the message to be delivered, the audience and other factors before settling on a type of video background that best suits the purpose.

Ten great video backgrounds

Here is a list of ten great video backgrounds that you can look at to inspire your creativity:

  1. RuBespoke

video backgrounds


This is an example of a website that uses an artistic/creative video background

  1. The Life of Pi Movie

video backgrounds

The website for this film uses clips from the movie so is actually part of the product it is marketing.

  1. Billabong

video backgrounds

This website uses action video background is part of the BillaBong’s digital marketing campaign. Using video as background in their homepage but not the entire site makes the site load easily.

  1. PayPal

backgrounds for websites

The online payment system company uses video background to emphasize their motto: “We’re here, there, anywhere”. Short shots of potential PayPal customers are shown doing business in a wide variety of places.

  1. My Provence

backgrounds for websites

My Provence is a French media resource that uses background video in an approach that is engaging and well done.

  1. Hennessy

backgrounds for websites

Hennessy uses video background on their website that is a nice fit for their brand. .

  1. Working Element

web page backgrounds

The company does a nice job displaying its creative services and uses simplicity to draw the viewer in.

  1. About:blank

web page backgrounds

This website uses background video well and it doesn’t detract from the readability of the text over the top of it.

  1. YCO

web page backgrounds

This is a nice website that uses video background in a right way.

  1. Arcade Fire

page backgrounds

The group’s website offers a stunning moving background. What’s more, the video is interactive, so don’t hesitate to try it!

Evaluate your needs and see if a video background website is right for you.

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